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Documentary films About Palestine Case

Yehuda Nuriel – No

Yehuda Nuriel – No

At least it was funny. The prime minister stood at the UN podium and declared: “Let’s talk dugri. “

Sorry, Bibi, but you don’t talk dugri, and you have no intention of making peace with the Palestinians. Regrettably, you are not the star of a reality show – this is our life. Continue reading

كلمة الرئيس محمود عباس امام الامم المتحدة

النص الكامل لكلمة الرئيس محمود عباس امام الامم المتحدة

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فلسطين الدولة ١٩٤ – فلسطين تسحق عضوية كاملة في الأمم المتحدة

الدول التي تعترف بدولة فلسطين – recognition palestine state

خريطة العالم وتبين باللون الأخضر الغامق الدول التي تعترف بدولة فلسطين الأخضر الفاتح للدول التي لديها ممثلية فلسطينية والبني للدول التي تستقبل بعثة فلسطينية، فيما اللون الرمادي للدول التي لا تعترف ولا يوجد لديها تمثيل فلسطيني، ويعترف بدولة فلسطين 131 دولة على حدود 1967 Continue reading


Miko Peled is the son of General Matti Peled, who was a leader in the 1967 war who also fought in the War of Independence in 1948. Like his father, Peled is an advocate for an end to the occupation of Palestine. As an Israeli, he offers an insider’s perspective on just how far Israel has strayed from its democratic Continue reading


A close look at RECOGNIZING PALESTINE  … The right To know

The Algiers Declaration of 1988 claimed a sovereign Palestinian state. But the recognition of Kosovo, which declared its independence in 2009 has brought the long-forgotten proposal of Palestinian independence back into play. More recently, Brazil and Argentina have weighed in with their recognition of Palestine within 1967 boundaries.  But will this idea take hold? It it a serious proposal or just a meaningless gesture? And has the reality of Israel’s occupation already made an independent state impossible? We examine these implications as the United Nations decides in September 2011 whether to adopt a resolution recognizing Palestine.